Palace On Wheels Panache Is The Lifestyles Of Rajput

Queen of train journeys illustrious as Palace on Wheels is an endless saga of Rajput glory and dominion of the western India. This train was launched in the year 1982 to promote Rajasthans tourism which was a painstaking initiative of Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation and Indian Railways. The luxurious caravan is globally acclaimed as one of the top ten train journey of the world which will give you an exceptional chance to unfold the spirit of incredible India.

This majestic procession takes you across the most breathtaking picturesque landscape destinations amidst matchless royal facilities. This convoy of ostentatious conveniences traverses the most out of ordinary destinations of New Delhi, Jaipur, Sawai Madhopur, Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur Bharatpur and Agra. These destinations takes you across Mughal monuments, Rajput citadels, colonial structures, impressive forts, fascinating palaces, cultural carnivals, wildlife safaris, desert expedition, delicious cuisines and vibrant shopping sphere which promises an unforgettable holiday to cherish forever.

The name Palace on Wheels is apt as the lavish motorcade is designed with imperial facilities, soothing comfort and flawless services which will provide the experience of a royal palace. The caravan of frolic is adorned with 14 air conditioned coaches, two restaurants providing multi cuisines, lounge, well stocked bar, mail box, medical aid, shopping arcade, ATM and satellite phone.

The panache of Rajput lifestyles can be experienced amidst the excursion of seven nights and eight days that starts every Wednesday from Delhi Safdarjung Railway station. This expedition is a seasonal tour which operates between Augusts to April.
The Palace on Wheels train cost for the year 2011 is US$ 3500 for single occupancy for seven nights per person and travelers opting for double occupancy will be charged a tariff of US$ 2625 for seven nights per person. The price of the journey will be charged half for the children between 5 to 12 years and 10% of the total cost for children below 5 years.

This spring enjoy an unforgettable royal excursion with friends, family and beloved amidst Royal Palace on Wheels train which is an epitome of Rajput panache.

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UB Vijay Mallya Kingfisher lifestyle in Goa.
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Modern technology ushers in modern lifestyles

When we talk of convergence of technologies, we are invariably referring to the information and communication technologies. These technologies are the broad terms for reception, transmission and the associated audio-visual technologies that act as user-interface. The satellite communication technology has enabled the improvement in the reception quality of the audio-visuals and enhanced the geographical reach of the information and communication resources. The satellite based navigation systems, or sat nav in short, is increasingly being used in diversified applications wherein there is a requirement to locate the whereabouts of a person or thing. These applications, once used by the military and intelligence personnel for confidential surveillance and reconnaissance activities, are now being used by the common people. These sat nav applications are available even in the mobiles apart from being used in automotives for logistical operations.


The most visible impact of this convergence has been seen in the field of consumer electronics that has changed the lifestyle of the people. The companies like Sony, Samsung and others have grown into big conglomerates with extremely diversified electronic product range. These are at the forefront of delivering quality and reliable products.


The evolution of the TVs in their present form testifies to the continuous innovation and research efforts being put into these. From the CRT TV to the modern day LED/LCD and plasma TV, the journey has kept the pace with the modernisation of the lifestyles. These give you a very good visual experience. With miniaturization of components and higher automation, it has been possible to club the different functions into smaller number of components. This has made them sleek and flat in form and design but with vastly improved functionalities.


With the coming of age of the tele-calling facilities using the computers and internet, there has been an obvious need to have the good quality headphones and microphones so that the effective use of the VoIP technology can be done. Similar advancement in the sounds reception technology has also ushered in the Hi-Fi, mobile headphones. The amazing clarity of sound that has been achieved is yet another development which shows that advanced technology has permeated to all the levels of audio-visual devices. These can be used with the mobiles, or your music system, or the TV, or even your computer.


With so many products with different combination of features being offered by the various companies across the world, the consumer has a lot to make the choice from. The technology savvy people like to make their living and working place look modern. So, whether it is the hi-end high definition Plasma TV for their drawing room, the sat nav system for their car, the Sony music system with top end headphones for their home theatre system, the consumers can just go with the best product in its respective category to improve their entertainment experience and also derive maximum utility from the modern day technology.


To keep a track on the latest developments, you can either subscribe to tens of magazines or adopt a more cost-effective and convenient approach to surf through some of the internet sites for the same.

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Can we make lifestyle choices that will influence our genetic code — and that of our children? YES! Environmental factors can alter the way our genes are ex…
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Reside in Vibrant Lifestyles of New York City Real Estate

New York City real estate is considered by many to be the pinnacle of home ownership. The eight million residents of the city will agree that the area remains unmatched in its vibrant lifestyle and unforgettable flair. For example, NYC real estate such as Battery Park City boasts newly green buildings that are leading the way into the environmentally conscious building revolution. With rain water roof collections, sustainably harvested wood floors and energy efficient features throughout the structures, these New York City condos are in high demand with each passing month.

Another area of the city that has attracted the attention of many home buyers is Tribeca. With its open air feel and wide streets, this part of Manhattan reminds visitors that there is more to the Big Apple than bright lights and taxi cabs. This neighborhood is among the most sought after for its relatively tranquil character and large boutiques catering to your every whim. The close proximity to the West Side promenade has also seduced many residents who mistakenly thought that outdoor activities were prohibitively difficult in a city as dense as New York.

For buyers wishing to avoid the cookie cutter feeling that comes with most suburban developments, New York City condos are the perfect antidote to the bland feel of bedroom communities. This thriving metropolis is never without around the clock services such as dry cleaners, workout facilities and cafes all in a single residential building. Just a brief stroll down any street in New York City will confirm what the rest of the world already knows. That is, this urban mecca is a microcosm of the American melting pot and owning a piece of this historic city is a sound investment. Another draw is Soho´s bustling art scene with its galleries, shows and cultural events. The neighborhood´s diversity is reflected in its population and culinary selection.

Residents are never at a loss for bars, restaurants and cafes to enjoy just steps from their door. New York City´s promise is fulfilled in different ways through its extensive array of real estate offerings. Despite the recent downward trends in the real estate , New York City remains virtually immune to large corrections or swings in the due to its consistently high demand. As a homeowner, you will have the opportunity to witness your property value continue to climb over the years as the rest of the country fluctuates. There is no better time than now to consider biting off a piece of the Big Apple.

Trying to find luxury in NYC real estate doesn’t have to be hard. Visit us for everything from spacious living to the great scenery that Manhattan has to offer.


The Rich And Righteous Lifestyles Of Modern Christians

As human being, we are born more than once, in fact.


The first time we are born is when our pregnant mother delivers us into this world, into this life, her hand being held your father’s hand. She is in great pain as is the nature of human childbirth. But all the pain and suffering she has been through in the last nine months of her life quickly dissipates like they never happened in the first place the moment she hears the first cry of her baby, your first gasp for air, and suddenly everything is alright once again. She holds you close and she kisses your forehead. You are born now as a human being.


Several weeks or even a month later, you are born once again, as a follower of Christ, and as a believer of the Creator. This second birth is celebrated through the act of baptism. You may not be aware of it right now, but this is no doubt one of the most important moments of your life. This is your second birth and it is far more significant than the first one. You being born as a follower of Christ will shape your life and affect how you make decisions in the future.


As followers of Christ we are thought the lessons of the Bible verses by topic. The Holy Scriptures tell us that the Creator had made the universe and He saved mankind from natural disasters. The Creator also sent his Son to his death so He could save us from our sins.



We have been forgiven by the Creator, and as believers of the Creator and Jesus Christ, we are promised eternal life in heaven as long as we uphold the Christian faith.


Yet some followers of Christ take all of this for granted. Some tend to take these Bible verses by subject lessons the wrong way.


The most significant aspect of having faith in the Creator is first and foremost speaking with Him on a regular basis. This is through constant reading of the Holy Scriptures, with the conscious effort of trying to learn the verses by heart little by little over time. Very few followers of Christ are aware that this goes a long way in their faith.


‘Jesus answered him, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.”‘ John 3:3 ESV


Remember, Holy Scripture reading and constant prayer, it is the way of the modern Christian to show his love for the Creator.

The Polyphonic Singing of the Aka Pygmies of Central Africa

UNESCO: Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity – 2008 URL: Description: The Aka Pygmi…
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Rajasthan Holiday Packages Explore Chivalry and Royal Lifestyles

Majestic Rajasthan holiday packages are undoubtedly the crown of India tours. Rajasthan traverse is all about an exceptional opportunity to dig deep in to the charismatic & unrivalled dream world of regal Rajputs.

Rajasthan tours is all about fairs, festivals, ethnic destinations, villages, traditional weddings, safaris, forts, palaces, temples, museums and prosperous wildlife amidst breathtaking picturesque nature.

The beloved Rajasthan holiday packages includes Rajasthan heritage & wildlife tour, Rajasthan forts, palaces, temples & lakes tour, camel safari tour in Rajasthan, fascinating India tour in land of diversity and many more.

Rajasthan heritage & wildlife tour: – This awe struck expedition is a vacation to witness the artistic ethnic havelis, imposing forts, spectacular palaces and breathtaking wildlife amidst serene nature.

The artistic fresco famed havelis, a tour to the imperial Jaipur, a delightful evening at Chokhi Dhani and an audacious excursion of wildlife amidst its national park gives a million moments of ecstasy to cherish.

Rajasthan forts, palaces, temples & lakes tour: - This tour is set against the back drop of splendid fortresses & masterpiece palaces of Jaipur, astonishing sapphire lakes of Jodhpur as well as Udaipur and takes a spiritual sojourn of Pushkar illustrious for its temples dedicated to Lord Brahma.

It’s a true exploration of ethnic India a rare vacation of living like the royal lineages at the same time discover the inner strength amid the spiritual topography of Pushkar.

Camel safari tour in Rajasthan: - Camel outing one of the star attractions of Rajasthan holiday gives an insight in to the effervescent sand dunes, as well as picturesque village amidst its glorious carpenters hut and workshops is truly soul satisfaction. It also gives a chance to explore a romantic evening with loved ones at the sunset point is an ultimate romantic rendezvous.

Fascinating India tour in land of diversity: - Rajasthan the diverse land of royalty and grandiose gives a glimpse of eternal India which is cheerful, colorful and captivating.

The Rajasthan tour will get just better and bigger with the Rajasthan Hotels which are personifications of Rajput elegance and traditional Rajasthani hospitality. The silence of hypnotic vast deserts, smiling dunes along with the hide and seek of sun and clouds is giving an invitation to all pleasure lovers to experience the erstwhile era of astonishing aura.

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New Houses in Today’s Modern Lifestyles

According to Philippine real estate experts, houses, though their popularity had significantly dropped over the past couple of years, houses had steadily gained a lot of popularity for many Filipinos even in today’s modern and fast-paced lifestyles. This is because of the many new benefits that new houses can offer to their residents.

New Houses in Today’s Modern Lifestyles
What made modern housings such as condominiums popular in the Philippines is because of its modern advantages that many modern Filipinos can make use of, such as its accessibility to business and commercial districts. It was these types of advantages that houses normally lacks.

Because of this, many homeowners had decided to lower the prices of their houses compared to condominiums so as to allow them to enter the competition. However, there are a number of new houses in the Philippines today that made it popular for many Filipinos.

More Affordable Deals
Another major advantage of new houses, according to Philippine real estate experts, is because of its new terms of payment. Compared to houses found in residential districts, these new houses can now be owned and paid in installment.

Because of this new term of payment, and because not all Filipinos can easily afford to live in a condominium unit, these new houses became popular and in-demand in the Philippines. However, other than its more affordable deals, these new houses can also offer a number of new advantages, such as its more family-oriented environment.

Family-Oriented Environment
Along with its new terms of payments, these new houses are also found in locations more family-oriented compared to houses in residential districts and condominiums in the city can offer. Because most of these types of new houses are found around Metro Manila, such as in the outskirts, and in exclusive housing communities, these new houses can offer the environment suitable for a growing Filipino family, similar to that of condominium complexes.

However, other than the environment, these new houses can also offer similar luxuries that condominium complexes can offer, such as its amenities.

Affordable Luxuries
What made these housing communities popular other than their collection of affordable housings is their collection of amenities. Similar to condominium complexes, these housing communities can also offer amenities such as swimming pools, parks, and playgrounds that condominium complexes are known for. However, the difference is that houses are far more affordable condominiums. For more information visit to our site at

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Leilani Swimwear For Active Lifestyles

A lot of swimwear for women has been designed with specific settings in mind. Hawaii, the Bahamas and Rio de Janeiro have inspired some women’s bathing suits and continue to do so. Leilani swimwear is one of the designer brands of ladies beachwear that has created some of these suits inspired by a tropical paradise. They use bright colors along with inspirational patterns to create some of their designs like the Leilani Shake It Up Bandeau Tankini. The pattern is a palm leaf pattern and it adorns the top which is gathered at the center of the bust with a tie that ties around the neck.

The Leilani Good Vibrations Tiki Tie Tankini is another island inspired swimsuit that uses bright color. The halter style top has underwires for added support and beads added to the ties. The bottoms are made with the same pattern and are a true bikini bottom with ties on each side. It gives you the feeling of just coming off the beaches of Hawaii or the Bahamas. Women’s tankinis are perfect for ladies who don’t want the exposure of a bikini.

There are a vast number of beachwear companies that offer you choices in bathing suits. They offer different styles, designs, bathing suits for different types of beach sports and even simply for sun bathing. If you are an active beach goer, you will want swimwear that allows you to be as active as you want while still supplying you with support and coverage. Tankinis do just that with their designs and features. They are for women who want coverage and support while they are being active in the water or on the beach.

Leilani is one of the pioneering swim apparel companies in the market. They are a brand of the QuickSilver manufacturing company which supplies swimwear for many Olympic athletes. They understand the importance of your swimsuit allowing you to be active while supplying you with the coverage and features you need. Tankinis are simply one of their newer lines of swimwear for women that has become a world wide favorite.

Many ladies do not like to even think about shopping for swimwear. If you are one of these who have anxieties about shopping for swimwear, you are in luck. There is a huge variety of websites that offer you the convenience and security of shopping online. They give you all the information you need such as sizes available with sizing charts, colors available, detailed descriptions and most importantly, you can shop from the seclusion of your own home or office. is only one of these websites that offers you convenience and variety.

The variety for ladies swimwear is amazing when you shop online at or Most online retailers are well respected, chosen retailers for many of the name brand and designer brands of bathing suits. They offer you variety as well as a secure server when you are ready to choose and pay for your bathing suit. You can shop in private and with confidence when you shop with online retailers.

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Our lifestyles are lifeless nowadays!

That is correct our lifestyles are lifeless nowadays! This is very true and people have forgotten how to keep their lives simple and enjoy it the way it comes. All of us are busy running around for something and yet none of us can define what exactly we want. The word lifestyle was first coined by an Austrian psychiatrist in 1929. What it meant was different than how it is used now. In a broader way it means a total of how human behave, earn their living, live their lives, and what kind of protocols they follow.

What can be a solution to this problem is to lead a healthy lifestyle. This can be done by keeping a tab on oneself and keeping things under control. If one masters the art of controlling themselves, then there will arise no problems at all. This is a simple resolution to all problems that lead to greed which will again raise endless cravings. The best way to check one’s own tracks that should help one to live a simple yet valuable life. Do as much needed and donate the excess, which is easier said than done, but this is the way to do it. This makes one feel satisfied as you will be donating without thinking of any returns!

One can also bring down lifestyles by exercising regularly. Mind it this exercise has to be performed by both the body as well as the mind. This means it should be external and at the same time internal. There is no need to do it things outwardly only because unless we cleanse our systems internally, we cannot apply them externally. This is why it is recommended that people meditate, practice yoga, and other exercises that can refresh them on the whole.

Now one may have question as what are the advantages of maintaining lifestyles in this way. A simple answer to this is that it gives you strength. Again this strength is both internal and external. One gets the capacity to solve all sorts of problems in their lives with this strength. It is a way to gain confidence in life and get going as it comes. This can make all of us pass the examination called life with flying colors for sure. Healthy lifestyles makes them mentally fit to take up challenges and helps them become a better person in life on the whole.

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Green Lifestyles

Green lifestyle is the new way of living nowadays; people who are turning green helps reduce carbon emissions by using energy efficient appliances. They also do their best to reduce waste by recycling and reusing their things. Mark Spellun a media entrepreneur who encourages green lifestyles in his magazine believe that living green is the way to live sustainably. Mark Spellun’s visions is to let the world know about our environment and the same time let them know that it is also exciting to save the planet.

There are ways to have a green lifestyle. It can be easy and inexpensive but if one really wants to be all green it can also be expensive. It depends on what you can give and sacrifice for the sake of a better environment. Living green is basically saving one’s energy consumption, like turning off unused appliances and using compact energy bulbs. Having energy saver gadgets can really go along way too. Conserving fuels or using hybrid cars that use biofuels are also a way to reduce carbon emissions but if one really does not want to produce carbon, a bike is recommended, aside from being healthier it does not produce carbon dioxide and greenhouse gasses and it does not need any form of fuel and is very inexpensive. Using alternative sources of energy is the new trend of living nowadays; houses are built with clean technology. Some houses uses solar panels or wind energy to use as their source of power or electricity in this way sustainability is attained. Mark Spellun sees this as the future of green living.

People who promote green lifestyles are also keen in using reusable stuff, they are creative and innovative. New things are not always better; one has to be creative in order to lessen waste production. Using reusable containers for food are encouraged than using disposable ones. Going paperless if possible is better since they are made from trees. But the best way to help in reducing carbon emissions is by planting trees, trees stock carbon and uses it for its metabolism. But if it is not possible planting ones backyard can also help but remember not to use any form of chemical fertilizers, going organic is more sustainable aside from being healthier. Using conventional fertilizer like animal dung and decaying plant litter is better than chemical fertilizers.

When shopping, bring a bag so that using paper bags or plastics are reduced. There are many ways to live green and protect the environment without sacrificing the comfort of living. Sharing tips and teaching others to preserve our environment can really go a long way. If everyone can live green, sustainability and management of resources will not be a problem anymore. Everyday should be an opportunity to save the planet and protecting the environment is an everyday struggle. The environment cannot restore itself immediately with people using it continuously. People need the natural resources then it is a prerequisite for humans to pay back what nature has given them.

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Daily life in rural villages in West Africa, specifically in Mossi villages in Burkina Faso. I have included scenes of farming, harvesting, planting, cooking…
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Modern Window Blinds for Modern Lifestyles

I was watching the television last night, another one of the seemingly endless detective series, and noticed that blinds were being used not just as a window dressing but also on internal offices with glass walls. I heard myself saying ‘nothing new’ – however when I looked closer, my mind having been completely distracted from the actual programme, I saw that these Venetian blinds were new. The more I thought about it the more I realized that many office use this style of window or wall dressing for privacy – the added advantage being that the DI (Detective Inspector) could watch his team work and yet they were unable to see whether he was watching them or not! Shrewd move on his part!

Pondering on the subject it dawned on me that if the same style of window dressing was used in my living room, all the people aimlessly walking their dogs down our road and looking inside my home wouldn’t be able to see anything. To be honest I love letting the sunlight flood into my living room, but I am getting sick and tired of gawkers being able to see me and what I find even more annoying is when they actually stop and wave!

With determination to look into window blinds that suited the style of my home and my purse I surfed the net and came a cross numerous retailers selling window blinds. The problem was how to tell which were the best – not only in terms of offering value for money but also a decent sales service. I’m not the DIY sort of person, so I needed to find a retailer who would guide me through the options and who were offered an installation service.

My quest, for that’s what it had become, found a retailer whose site was impressive, user friendly and full of relevant information, rather than unhelpful sales patter trying to convince me, without much luck I hasten to add, to their promises of being the best and so on and so on.  Now armed with a good insight as to what options were available my online search for venetian blinds, had me making an appointment with the designer service, and we agreed a convenient time to meet within days of making the initial contact.

The service I received was excellent. There was no hasty decisions to be made, I was given an insight into the variety, styles and designs of window blinds which would suit my home and not making it look like an office! All blinds were tailor made to suit my windows and all hand-crafted in the UK, another great selling point for me as I feel the need to support UK works whenever I can in these times of economic uncertainty. Other unique selling points which made this company stand head and shoulders above their competitors was the fact that the initial survey was free, as was the fitting, and I was also told that if I wasn’t happy, (very unlikely), they will buy them back. You can’t get fairer than that, now can you?

Charlotte Campbell is an interior designer with over 15 years experience in the window blinds industry. She particularly loves sharing her tips on how venetian blinds can change the look and feel of any room in your home.